Transform Housing

The PCC has provided 3 years funding to Transform Housing who will invest in providing two shared houses (8 beds) that will offer supported accommodation to ex-offenders in Surrey. Clients are provided with a keyworker and encouraged to recognise the triggers behind their previous offending.

The support provided will vary depending on need but includes assisting clients to improve their economic wellbeing; to develop a fulfilling weekly structure through employment, voluntary work or education and leisure activities; to better manage any physical or mental health needs; to address any substance misuse issues; to successfully complete any statutory court orders; to keep to the terms of their licence agreement and maintain their accommodation; to improve their self-confidence and independent living skills and to make a positive contribution to society.


PCC Conference – Vulnerability, Power and Control

On 9 March 2017 the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey held a conference exploring the theme of vulnerability, perpetrator power and control and how professionals and practitioners can better safeguard both adults and children in Surrey.

Attendees heard from the internationally acclaimed author and world expert in domestic abuse Professor Evan Stark, along with other leading professionals in the areas of child protection and violence against women and girls.

You can download materials from the conference below:

Professor Evan Stark’s presentation

Evan Stark is a sociologist, forensic social worker and award-winning researcher with an international reputation for his innovative work on the legal, policy and health dimensions of interpersonal violence, including its effects on children.

Nicki Norman’s presentation

Nicki Norman is Director of Services at Women’s Aid.


Victim Support Champions

Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF) is a community organisation with charity and company status. It has fifty two ethnically diverse community and voluntary groups as members and is governed and managed by a group of Trustees selected by its member groups.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has funded SMEF to deliver a new Victim Champions project. This project will train five volunteer champions of diverse ethnicities to identify safeguarding issues relating to domestic abuse, honour based violence, and female genital mutilation and work to support potential victims of crime through engagement, raising awareness, signposting and creating a safe and confidential space for disclosure.

The services will be promoted via SMEF’s membership, reaching up to 26,000 people across the County.

For more information visit: www.smef.org.uk/news/851

Transforming Women’s Justice Project

This pilot initiative in West Surrey, part of a wider ‘Transforming Justice’ project in Surrey, aims to stop the ‘revolving door’ of low level re-offending by women and get them out of the criminal justice system. It offers women who admit their offences appropriate support to tackle the behaviour which has led them to offend. An element of reparation for the victims involved is part of the package. This scheme builds on the established success of Surrey’s work with young offenders and we hope it will provide a prototype for dealing with other groups of low level offenders.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is co-funding this initiative with the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Reform Trust: he is also, separately, providing funding to enhance the service provided by the Women’s Centre in Woking, which is a key partner.

KeepOut Scheme

KeepOut is the first crime diversion scheme to be delivered by dedicated teams of serving prisoners – managed by civilian staff inside UK prisons. Prisoners are trained by KeepOut staff to facilitate intervention programmes for low, medium and high risk young people and divert those between 13 and 18 who are either at risk of entering the criminal justice system, or are already involved in criminal activity.

The programmes are designed to change attitudes and behaviour in relation to personal responsibility, victim awareness, consequences and drug/alcohol use. In addition there are specific interventions aimed at addressing carrying knives/weapons, gang involvement, shoplifting, and joint enterprise.

The programmes range from a one day intervention aimed at young people who are low risk to a eight session programme over at least six weeks (New Chapter) aimed at young people assessed at medium to high risk.

Young people from Surrey who have been identified to be at risk of offending attend either HMP Coldingley or HMP Send. KeepOut has developed long standing positive relations with schools, pupil referral units, voluntary sector youth providers and the youth support service within Surrey who use KeepOut workshops as an intervention.

For 2016/17 the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has provided funding of £27,500 to deliver the project across Surrey. This money will support interventions for 100 young women and 175 young men.

For more information please visit www.crimediversionscheme.org.uk

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety education initiative that aims to make young people more aware of their responsibilities on the road and the consequences of poor or irresponsible driving.

Through improving young people’s awareness and their attitude to responsible driving, the ultimate aim is to reduce the number of road traffic collisions caused by, or involving young people (age 17 – 24), and therefore positively influence the number of injuries or deaths on the roads in Surrey involving this at risk group.

Young people (primarily aged 16 – 19) are invited to attend a highly charged and emotionally engaging stage ‘performance’ at Dorking Halls. Each live performance consists of a series of films, each featuring people recalling true stories of how they and their families have been affected by a road traffic collision death of a young person.

The performances are open to all young people aged 16-19 in further education, free of charge, within Surrey. Young people who have been identified, by our partners, as at possible greater risk through irresponsible/dangerous driving behaviour are also invited to attend.

For 2016/17 the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has provided £35,000 to support the deliverty of 19 performances between 1 November and 11 November, reaching up to 12,000 local young people.

For more information please visit www.safedrivesurrey.org

Joint Enforcement Teams

The Joint Enforcement Team is a collaboration between Surrey Police and the local authorities in Surrey. Initially a scheme running in the London Borough of Newham, the idea was brought to Surrey to help the Police and the Councils work more efficiently.

The project was first proposed to Surrey Police and the local authorities in the county in 2013. Initially set up as a pilot project, it began running in the borough of Reigate & Banstead in summer 2014. At the end of 2014, Spelthorne Borough Council became the second local authority to take on the pilot, and in December 2015, the scheme launched in Elmbridge.

The Joint Enforcement team sees council officers working together with the police to combat anti-social behaviour (e.g. noise and graffiti), and low-level crime (e.g. littering and fly tipping). The team are intended to provide a fast and effective response, and to be a highly visible presence to deter any would-be offenders.

Over the course of the pilots in Reigate & Banstead, and Spelthorne, the teams have been involved in dealing with a wide range of issues. From fly-tipping to targeted ‘enforcement days’, the teams in both areas have been very successful, and as more and more of the public have become aware of their existence, confidence in their abilities has gone up.

There have been a number of particular success stories. In one area, a report of an abandoned vehicle quickly turned into a search when the vehicle in question could not be found. However, when two members of the Joint Enforcement Team saw it drive past, the driver was pulled over and was found to be uninsured. The car was seized by the police.

Support to Domestic Abuse Refuges

There are a number of refuges located across Surrey that act as safe houses in secret locations for women and their children fleeing from abuse and violence. However, refuges offer those fleeing domestic abuse much more than simply accommodation – they also provide access to therapeutic support by specialist workers, to help individuals recover from the harm they have experienced, and rebuild family bonds with children.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner supports refuges through various funding streams, including:

£20,000 to help refuges provide specialist children’s service to help families recover from the abuse they have experienced. Group play, one to one work and creative activities will help children adapt to being away from other family members, home, school, their belongings and friends.

£25,000 to provide families attending refuges with a pack of basic living essentials on arrival and that they can take with them when they move on to independent living. Often families fleeing domestic abuse arrive at the refuge with nothing having left personal belongings behind. The fund will supply items such as new bedding, towels, kitchen ware and toiletries.

WiSE Project

YMCA DownsLink Group’s WiSE Project (What is Sexual Exploitation) is an innovative project working with children and young people experiencing or at risk of sexual exploitation, and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has provided funding to deliver the service across Surrey.

Through the recruitment of two new WiSE workers, we are:

Providing case work support and peer group work to children and young people identified as at risk / or victims of sexual exploitation

Providing support and advice to practitioners

Working collaboratively with other professionals to support interventions that lead to prosecutions and measures to disrupt the activity of perpetrators.

For more information visit: www.ymcadlg.org/support-advice/wise/